The Law Of A Full & Happy Life

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 2

The Law and Its Operation

THE soul is the world within. The mind, will and emotions. The world, and all within it, is man's conditioned consciousness objectified (manifested). Consciousness is the substance of the entire world. Knowledge of the law of consciousness and the method of operating this law will enable you to accomplish all you desire in life. Armed with a working knowledge of this law, you can build and maintain an ideal world.

Consciousness is the one and only reality.

This reality is like a stream which is divided into two parts, the conscious and the subconscious.

In order to intelligently operate the law of consciousness, it is necessary to understand the relationship between the conscious and the subconscious.

The conscious is personal and selective; the subconscious is impersonal and non- selective. The conscious is the realm of effect; the subconscious is the realm of cause. These two aspects are the male and female divisions of consciousness. The conscious is male; the subconscious is female.

The conscious generates ideas and impresses these ideas on the subconscious; the subconscious receives ideas and gives form and expression to them. By this law - first conceiving an idea and then impressing the idea conceived on the subconscious – all things evolve out of consciousness; and without this sequence, there is not anything made that is made. The conscious impresses the subconscious, while the subconscious expresses all that is impressed upon it.

The subconscious accepts as true those which the conscious mind feels to be true and objectifies (manifests) the accepted ideas. Therefore, through his power to imagine and feel and his freedom to choose the idea he will entertain, man has control over creation.

Control of the subconscious is accomplished through control of your ideas and feelings. The subconscious is the female aspect or womb of creation. The subconscious transcends reason and is independent of induction. It contemplates a feeling as a fact existing within itself and on this assumption proceeds to give expression to it. The creative process begins with an idea and its cycle runs its course as a feeling and ends in a volition to act.

Ideas are impressed on the subconscious through the medium of feeling. No idea can be impressed on the subconscious until it is felt, but once felt – be it good, bad or indifferent – it must be expressed.

Feeling is the one and only medium through which ideas are conveyed to the subconscious. Therefore, the man who does not control his feeling may easily impress the subconscious with undesirable states.

By control of feeling is not meant restraint or suppression of your feeling, but rather the disciplining of self to imagine and entertain only such feeling as contributes to your happiness.

Control of your feeling is all-important to a prosperous soul and a full and happy life.

1) Never entertain an undesirable feeling, nor think sympathetically about wrong in any shape or form.

2) Do not dwell on the imperfection of yourself or others. To do so is to impress the subconscious with these limitations.

3) What you do not want done unto you, do not feel that it is done unto you or another. This is the whole law of a full and happy life.

Every feeling in the soul makes a subconscious impression and, unless it is counter- acted by a more powerful feeling of an opposite nature, must be expressed (manifested). The dominant of two feelings is the one expressed. I AM WEALTHY is a stronger feeling than I will be wealthy. To feel I will be is to confess I am not; I am is stronger than I am not. What you feel you are always dominates what you feel you would like to be; therefore, to be realized, the wish must be felt as a state that is rather than a state that is not.


Sensation precedes manifestation and is the foundation upon which all manifestation rests. Be careful of your moods and feelings, for there is an unbroken connection between your feelings and your visible world. Your body is an emotional filter and bears the unmistakable marks of your prevalent emotions. Emotional disturbances, especially suppressed emotions, are the causes of all disease. To feel intensely about a wrong without voicing or expressing that feeling is the beginning of disease – dis- ease - in both body and finances. Do not entertain the feeling of re- gret or failure for frustration or detachment from your objective results in disease.

Think feelingly only of the state you desire to realize. Feeling the reality of the state sought and living and acting on that conviction is the way of all financial miracles. All changes of expression are brought about through a change of feeling. A change of feeling is a change of destiny. All creation occurs in the domain of the subconscious. What you must acquire, then, is a reflective control of the operation of the subconscious, that is, control of your ideas and feelings.

Control is the key to the prosperous soul!

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers. 3 John 2


“I am open and ready to attract abundance into my life.”

“I am attuned to the frequency of love and abundance.”

“I am open to receiving limitless abundance.”

“I am wealthy. I attract success.”

“I am living my life in a state of complete abundance.”

“I am radiating abundance.”

“I am living a life of abundance.”

“I am a prosperity magnet.”

“I am living in the overflow of prosperity.”

“I am attracting money easily and effortlessly.”

“I am increasingly magnetic to wealth, abundance, prosperity, and money.”

“I am attracting more and more abundance into my life every day.”

“I am living a life of unlimited abundance.”

“I am flowing in the abundance that is all around me.”

“I am affluent. I have an abundance mindset.”

“I am abundance!”

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