8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. 9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-9

Positive thinking will work for you!

Positive thinking will see you through any crisis. Positive thinking is higher thinking. There are plenty of reasons, why you should think positively during the Coronavirus crisis. In this short lesson i will share five of them. When you know and understand the reasons, you would be more motivated to adopt this positive attitude. Our intention is helping humanity to overcome the negativity during this pandemic.

5 Reasons Why You Should Think Positively

1. Happiness

Happy are the people who are in such a state; Happy are the people whose God is the Lord!

Psalm 144:15 (NKJV)

A positive attitude awakens happiness. Happiness is a matter of attitude. When you adopt a positive frame of mind you become happy. Happiness does not depend on external causes. It comes from inside you. You can be happy now. You don’t need to lose weight, get a new job or win the lottery to be happy. Having a positive outlook on life will make you happy even now.

2. Motivation

Thinking positively will help you accomplish dreams and goals, and tasks would be easier to fulfill.

Motivation is a positive quality and a wonderful trait to have. It pushes you forward, encourages you, and helps you overcome obstacles. A positive frame of mind increases your motivational quotient to succeed. It will make you more energetic. It will also motivate you to achieve more than ever.

3. Self Esteem

Your attitude and the way you think have much to do with how you feel about yourself. If you adopt a positive attitude and think positively, you will have a better opinion of yourself, which means a sense of self-esteem.

  1. Choose to look at yourself in a positive light.

  2. See what is positive and good in you. This will automatically increase your self-esteem.

  3. Don’t worry about negative people, and about what they think and say about you.

When you have a positive attitude toward yourself, the people around you will have a better opinion of you, and would treat you with more respect.

Loving yourself, being good to yourself, and being happy, are expressions of thinking positively.

4. Better health

He sent His Word and healed them…Psalm 107:20

People who think positively are usually more energetic and healthy than people who think negatively. They are happier, and this of course, affects their health. The mind has a strong effect on the body and on health. When you think positively your immune system is healthier, and your body recuperates faster.

5. Improved relations

Another reason, why you should adopt a positive way of thinking is the effect it has on relations with people. People tend to gravitate and to like positive people, and to keep a distance from negative people. Positive people bring joy, happiness and uplifting energy, and are fun to be around. They bring light and joy, and energize their environment.

Choose to think positive today!


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