THE BLACK MOSES! Economic Rescue


The Black Moses concept is a state of mind that will bring you out of oppression!

The Black Moses represents what it takes to deliver an oppressed people. Regarding Blacks in America, the facts of the economic gap in America are overwhelmingly obvious if we just open our eyes. I have much economic data on the economic gap between the races, however, I want to focus on the solution, not the economic problem. This is not about bashing another race it is about solving the economic problem of an oppressed people. Moses delivered people from oppression.

Now, I am not one to blame everything on slavery, but many studies reveal that oppression tends to have lingering effects on a people. That’s why I wrote I AM A MINORITY MILLIONAIRE. That book is about overcoming the psychology of poverty.

We must learn to live free from the effects of oppression.


Moses is a symbol (in my writing) of the concept of deliverance. So, don’t think of a historical man, but a symbol or a state of mind. Moses is a metaphor. What is he a metaphor of? He is a metaphor for deliverance from oppression. The deliverance of an oppressed people is our aim. The Black Moses leads us to a new mental attitude.

Moses represents you and me.

Moses is a symbol of deliverance from oppression.

The Black Moses leads us to a new mental attitude.

The Black Moses concept is the key to economic deliverance!

The Black Moses is mental transformation.

Until we are mentally free, we are not truly delivered. The effects of slavery or oppression demands mental transformation. Mental transformation is the only true freedom.

The deliverance of an oppressed people is my aim in my new mini-book.

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