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Affirm: “I am flowing in the abundance of I AM.”


Who is the Being we call God?  How do you identify Him? My prayer is that you should grasp this insight regarding the Name of God. The Bible gives us revelation into what God is like. Open your mind to some non-conventional thinking about this Being we call God. First of all, God is unconditioned consciousness. By this, I mean He is consciousness without boundaries or limits. Contemplate or consider ‘Unconditioned Consciousness' now. Meditate quietly on and consider unlimited consciousness.


God is the ALL-MIGHTY Supreme Being. 

God is Infinite Intelligence. 

God is ‘I AM’.

‘I AM’ is God. 


God is Unconditioned Consciousness. 

Now, let us move into the realm of ‘I AM’. Meditate on the words ‘I AM’. This is a wonderful way to practice ‘I AM’ consciousness. Just assume, meditate, and contemplate, considering the ‘I AM’ state of Being. Remain in this state of consciousness. As you do, your outer world of prosperity will reflect this. This is because God’s Name is powerful and it will out-picture or manifest prosperity when you have faith in that Name.



In Jewish thought, a name is not merely an arbitrary designation. The name conveys the nature and essence of the thing named. It represents the history and reputation of 
the thing named. So, what is the significance of the Name of God? First of all, God’s Name is ‘I AM or Jehovah’.

How does the name ‘I AM’ and Jehovah relate? That is a good question. The Name Jehovah means; ‘I AM The One Who Is’.

So then Jehovah literally means ‘I AM the Self-Existent One’ or I AM BEING.

Let’s dig into this Name a little deeper. The name Jehovah is represented by the four Hebrew letters Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh(YHVH). It is often referred to in Judaism as the ‘Unutterable Name’. In Scripture, this Name is used when discussing God's relationship to humanity, and when emphasizing His qualities of loving-kindness and mercy.





In studying God’s Name a good and clear example is in Exodus 3:14 where Moses asked God what His Name is. He is not asking what should I call you; rather he is asking; God, Who are you? What are you like? What have you done? This is clear from God’s response which was “I AM THAT I AM.” 


In Exodus 3:14 we get the ‘I AM’ insight. The most important of God’sNames is the four-letter Name represented by the Hebrew letters YOD-HEH-VAV-HEY(YHVH). 

According to Hebrew scholars, the meaning of YOD-HEH-VAV-HEY(YHVH) reflects the fact that God’s existence is eternal and literally means ‘I AM THAT I AM’.

Notice how all roads take us back to ‘I AM’. The simple sum of the matter is that God’s Name is ‘I AM’.



So now, let us look at the eight compound Names of Jehovah as revealed in scripture. Let us Visualize, Affirm and Meditate on the Names and redemptive benefits to you. Visualize the benefit(s) manifesting for you. Boldly make the affirmation. Meditate on the end result.





Affirmation:I AM free from Sin


Affirmation:I AM free from Condemnation

Jehovah-Shalom“I AM YOUR PEACE” 

Affirmation:I AM filled with the Spirit

Jehovah-Shammah“I AM EVER PRESENT”

Affirmation:I AM a partaker of the Divine Nature


Affirmation:I AM under Divine care and security

Jehovah-Nissi“I AM YOUR BANNER” 

Affirmation:I AM living in Love’s Victory

Jehovah-Rophe“I AM YOUR HEALER” 

Affirmation:I AM free from sickness… sound!

Jehovah-Jireh“I AM YOUR PROVIDER” 

Affirmation:I AM free from failure…success!

God’s Name must Be-Being Hallowed!

He is the Beginning and the End! 

He is the Great ‘I AM’! Amen! 




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