I AM! Affirmations for Wealth! Do Affirmations Work?

“I am visioning, affirming and meditating on abundance!”

My goal in this article is to help you understand a simple, yet profound concept that will result in your financial freedom. The message is simple, yet it is very powerful! It works! ‘I AM’ are the two most powerful words you can speak. When you say 'I AM,' you declare yourself ‘To Be’. Whatever you say after ‘I AM’, you create in your life.

Does this include wealth? Yes! This includes wealth. That is why I entitled it ‘I AM Affirmations to Create Wealth’. The power of ‘I AM’ is not a gimmick, but a Divine principle. This is not about theology but practical principles that work. I am here to help you grow and prosper, not to judge your spirituality. Thus, no condemnation or judgments herein.

I want to start out on our journey by introducing to you a simple motivational process for super success. This is a principle or spiritual practice that is spiritual yet practical. I call this process VAM. VAM is a concept that emerged as an insight one day while I was making my daily affirmations. As I was meditating, I clearly saw the word VAM in my inner being.


So, what is VAM? VAM is a spiritual and psychological process for producing prosperous results. I will explain this process simply and thoroughly as we move on in our journey. VAM is an acronym for Visualization, Affirmation and Meditation.

My advice is that you read this series of articles totality because they were written purposely to create wealth in your life.

This information will expand your PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS. Expanded prosperity consciousness is guaranteed to increase your personal wealth.

So your intentions are:

1) Developing more Right-Thinking and

2) Expanding your Prosperity Consciousness.

Keep these simple objectives in mind as you engage in the reading journey. This teaching is going to change your life!


I have had people say; “Bernard, affirmations just don’t work! I have tried them and I am still broke!” First of all, I fully understand where you are coming from. ‘I have been there, done that and bought the tee-shirt!’ There have been times that I have wondered if my affirmations were working.

In fact, I have felt the frustration of affirming with seemingly no prosperous results. That is how and why I created the VAM process. I needed answers to my dismal financial situation. I needed a workable strategy or process. Why do I call it a process? It is basically because VAM is a three-part system. Spiritual things like everything else work in the context of a process. When you understand the process and apply it, you win in life. I have personally learned that affirmations do work. But the process must be applied contextually in order to get positive results. What do I mean here? When affirmations appear to not work, it is usually a failure to apply the affirmation process in proper context. That failure to apply the principles of the process in context causes failure in life.

Let me illustrate. Let’s say, you are faced with a seven-step stairway to enter a hall. Implying that getting to the top takes seven steps. What if you climb four steps only? You wouldn’t enter the hall. Would you?But why? You have not yet applied the seven-step process in context. The contextual realm of the process in my simple illustration given here is seven steps to the top, not four steps. So, if you said stairs don’t work, is that really so? Process and context are important. To be totally honest with you, you will have much frustration with spirituality and life in general until you understand this. These things work by process. VAM is a simple three step process.

1-2-3 VAM!

You must apply the process and three steps to your thinking, and condition it into your consciousness.

Here’s another thing to know. This does not happen overnight. It is a process! In fact, everything in life is a process.

I have successfully done sales training for years. I always start out by teaching the salespeople a sales process. The ones who master and follow the process (with some common sense) always succeed. The ones who don’t follow the process, well! They simply fail.

The same is true here. Get an understanding of the process, and you will use affirmations to create wealth. Prosperity is not luck, fate or magic, it’s a process. I am here to give you tools that work, not just those that sound good! The VAM process is the pathway to wealth. VAM again is an acronym for the three-step process of Visualize, Affirm and Meditate. Memorize and release the power of VAM!

Best blessings, Bernard

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