Make this affirmation: “I am a prosperity magnet.”

Are you a possibility thinker?

You have heard the expression: “Oh, he is reaching for the moon again!” It could be a pessimistic friend or relative speaking of an ambition based upon your desire or dream.

You may want to transcend (which means to rise above) the limitation of your world of poverty, lack, and debt. Perhaps this is the mentality and environment in which you were born and raised. Or it could be some personal financial ambition to do something extraordinary, and people who know your natural limitations will say of you: “Oh, here we go again, he is reaching for the moon!” Your intention could be the desire to be great, rich or even famous, as many have done in and throughout history. The Great I AM promised to make Abraham famous. Abraham and his seed were reaching to conquer the earth, metaphorically reaching for the moon.

Through the power of I AM, all things are possible with you. You can shoot for the moon!


Now, let’s make living and moving in faith practical. Practical means you can practice it. I am here to teach you spiritual practices. Living in practical faith involves the use of the human imagination. The imagination is the key to power. We have greatly neglected the power of the human imagination.

God said of the people when they attempted to build the tower to heaven; “nothing shall be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.’ That means all things are possible to the human imagination.

This is where V.A.M. comes in.If you could enter into your faith-based images in your imagination, approach and dwell in them on the basis of your meditative positive thought, you would realize that all things are possible to him who believes. You would realize faith. This practical faith is realized by the process of Visualization, Affirmation, and Meditation (VAM).

When you visualize and imagine the end result, you will have a clear image of what you desire. You have faith which is the substance of the things you are hoping for. You affirm your faith by speaking to the mountain. Then you meditate upon the Word and your desire being a reality. You perceive as real fact that which is not revealed to the senses.

If I would realize faith in spite of the limitations that now surround me such as lack of money, lack of time, present obligations, I would manifest my desire.

I MUST ENTER INTO THE IMAGE regardless of what I see or feel.

In the beginning, it may be difficult but you can achieve it with practice. You must V.A.M. You must visualize, affirm and meditate on the prosperity and success you desire.

Standing here, even in the face of lack, debt and limitation, you must shut out all unbelief and enter the image by faith!

You must imagine the desired end! You must live in the end! The reason you must do this is practical and simple: “Energy flows where attention goes!”

Put your attention on your desire and the energy of faith will flow there. You must shut out all unbelief and enter the image, the vision by faith! How? You imagine it done by faith! Have you ever done this? As you enter into the state of your desire and dwell there, (continue therein) you will manifest it.

Believe that you have received and you shall have it. Everything you see was first imagined! The things that are seen were not made of things which do appear. Everything was made from the invisible or Divine Power of Imagination. When you V.A.M. (visualize affirm and meditate), you engage your imagination. This is Divine Power of imagination. Imagining is what we name this Divine Power. Imagining is the greatest spiritual secret in the world!

Affirm: “I am visioning, affirming and meditating on abundance!”

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