I AM Is The Door To The Abundant Life

I am the door... John 10:9

The Central-Figure of the gospels, Jesus Christ affirmed: “I AM the Door!”

We could say I AM ‘is’ the Door! This is because I AM shapes your reality.

Your ENTIRE world will be transformed by the affirmation I AM.

The Master-Teacher, Jesus said; I am come that ye might have Life and that ye might have it more abundantly (John 10:10). Notice He said; I AM COME that you might have life! I AM came that you might have abundant life by affirming; I AM! I AM is the Way, the Truth and the LIFE. Blending with this LIFE by affirming I AM makes your world a world of abundance. This permanent I AM identity will finally defeat every enemy.

I AM is the Door to the abundant life.

As a believer you mature as you learn to live in awareness of being one with Christ. Notice that I said awareness of BEING. Christ is Life! Christ is our life, so you could say we are one with Christ. We are Christ! Contemplate and meditate this; Jehovah means I AM The One Who Is!

Affirm; "I AM one with Christ!"

Affirm this all day long. Christ is the Anointed One, the Awakened One, and the Illumined One. Affirm that you are one with this Christ. Continue to live in that mental atmosphere all day; then you will draw out this Christ (Wisdom, Power, and Intelligence) within you.

I AM is the Door to the abundant life.

Affirm: I AM is the Door to the abundant life!

I want to invite you to listen to my new I AM Internet Radio format .

Faith comes by hearing...

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Date: Sunday November 3, 2019

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