5 Things To Do For A More Prosperous New Year!

The Law of Attraction is the key to attracting whatever we want. When we are manifesting wealth and prosperity, our energy field for wealth is far and wide. We think and act with complete conviction that we are worthy, special, deserving, competent, invincible, and unstoppable. The Bible calls this faith.

The five things we must do to have a more prosperous New Year and draw in what want are:

1. We must know exactly what we want without worrying about how it will get here.

2. We must visualize it as if it is already here.

3. We must live in that reality of it being here.

4. We must not ‘only’ think it, we must also ‘imagine’ that it is already here.

5. We must give thanks for having it.

When our attitude is positive we believe that this world is our oyster and we can do, be and have anything we want; and our personal history confirms it. This is paramount and explains in a large part why when we are rich in our thinking we get richer and if we are poor – with poor contrary thoughts –we become even poorer. The big question is: “What do we think about most?”

Happy New Year!


Atlanta New Thought

Sow your seed for 2019 and affirm: I AM PROSPEROUS NOW!!

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Law of Attraction
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