Heaven! The Realm of Ever-Expanding Good

Real Spirituality does not just teach how to get to ‘heaven', it teaches how to get heaven here! - Bernard Smalls

What is heaven? Where is heaven? Is there a place called heaven?

Heaven literally means the Christ Consciousness; the realm of Divine Mind.

Heaven is a state of consciousness in harmony with the thoughts of God.

Scriptures speaks of Days of heaven on the earth…

Heaven is the realm of ever-expanding good! Heaven is everywhere present. It is the orderly, lawful adjustment of God's kingdom in man's mind, body and affairs

Heaven is within us!

Jesus, of all those claiming intimate acquaintance with spiritual things gave heaven definite location. "The kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:21).

Heaven is within us. It is a place within. Heaven is a conscious sphere of mind, having all the attraction of good. But this kingdom within is not material, it is spiritual. Heaven is the realm of ever-expanding good.

Heaven and earth are two states of mind, the ideal and the manifestation.

We are living in. heaven when we live in Divine prosperity and health through a prosperous soul (3 John 2). We are to have new ideals with manifestations in the earth to correspond.

God, when He created man envisioned two planes of consciousness, the heaven and the earth, or more properly, "the heavens and the earth." One is the realm of pure, prosperous ideas; the other of thought forms.

Heaven is the orderly realization of Divine Ideas.

Earth is the manifestation of these ideas. Heaven, firmament of -The consciousness of Truth that has been formulated and established.

Heaven is restoration to faith in the realm of the Spirit and the ultimate dominance of the good in all men will finally restore man to the heavenly consciousness from which he descended through Jesus Christ! Jesus is The Atonement; The At-one-ment!

Believe in Him! Have faith in Him! That's the key to heaven...

Think and affirm the positive today, Bernard

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