I want to welcome you to a forty day positive thinking challenge by engaging in 40 DAYS OF POSITIVITY! The key is to simply make a positive affirmation three times a day for forty consecutive days!

I encourage you to use these affirmations throughout the day as desired or needed. They will bring happiness to your life and prosperity to your endeavors.

Positive Affirmations Can Carry You Through Life!

Affirmations work best in the PRESENT tense and when you say them consciously and preferably loudly (if the circumstance permits!). Also, it helps to adopt positive BELIEVING as well as positive thinking as you embrace these words in the situations that arise in your life over the next 40 days!

Affirmation #1

"I am a magnet for money. Prosperity is drawn to me!"

Think and affirm the positive today, Bernard

Atlanta New Thought Centre

is a non-profit organization, committed to a more positive world!

Thank you for your support...

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