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ATTRACTING GOOD I am attracting my good! There is a Dynamic Something in the Universe which responds to my thoughts, words, feelings and attitudes. Today, I choose to focus on all that is good as I go on rampages of appreciation and praise. I TELL people how wonderful they are as I lift them up – and I tell myself how wonderful I am as I am lifted up to higher and higher levels of Joy!

I am irresistible to my greater good and I am gathering up evidence that Life loves me. My Infinite Source, the Great I AM is within me and the blessings are springing forth from me today in all directions.

I am not worried about the future for the best is yet to come as I envision only the good. There is no need for me to make anything happen nor to be aggressive or pushy, for miracles of love are opening the doors to my good with Grace and ease. I remain calm and yet alert as I bless the world and count up my own blessings while walking this path of Peace.


INTEND A BEAUTIFUL DAY Love makes my world beautiful today. As I look through the eyes of love today, I see a world of beauty and of Light. I will not focus on the errors in myself or others, but instead will be a detective seeking clues leading to the innocence, kindness and Grace in us all.

I am shredding all evidence to the contrary as I dissolve all walls around my heart and take down all defenses. Love is my strength today as I open my heart to receive the Love of God & let it flow through me to the world around me.


BE STILL This is a day of meditation and stillness for me even as I go about the world living my normal life. I take my eyes off the negativity and focus on the bigger picture! I focus on each sacred step I take as a holy action infused with love, love, love. I devote today to serving the Spirit of Love as He uses my hands, feet and voice to channel Love and Peace through me even in the most mundane of errands and happenings.

I allow the small “me” to dissolve as I step back and let Him lead the way, for I am walking in Grace today. This is a day of beauty and of Light as all that is not Love dissolves away from my Being and I am restored to peace.


The ATLANTA CENTRE FOR I AM has emerged through years of seeking and searching (by founder Bernard Smalls) for 'true' spirituality without religious trappings, or on the other hand without compromising biblical principles. After decades of research Bernard came to the simple conclusion that God is the Great I AM (Exodus 3:14) and that we were created to live in I AM awareness, which is faith that pleases Him!

Our objective is to help you unlock your hidden potential through developing your inner life of faith. We offer a plethora of teachings that will help you attain your dreams and goals. We will help you develop the “success mindset” that will help you to experience prosperity.

Our new website is www.iam357.com




Sunday September 30, at 10:00am in the Sugarloaf Kroger Community Room!

For our September 30, ATLANTA CENTRE FOR I AM Meetup in Sugarloaf - Atlanta!

The ATLANTA CENTRE FOR I AM has been established for helping humanity to overcome the negativity in the world and to develop prosperity consciousness through faith. We teach Biblical insights that will allow you to completely eliminate fear, worry and poverty consciousness from your life. We help you develop and grow in faith, confidence, power thinking, and positive affirmations through the renewing of the mind, resulting in “right action” which produces prosperity.

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