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I am a creative being, an extension of the One Life. There are no limits on what is possible for me today. I am not a victim of my thinking or moods. I can choose my own thoughts and vibration. Today, I choose to think expansive thoughts. The Law of Attraction brings to me the essence of whatever I am thinking and vibrating as I now relax into a day of joy, peace, prosperity & health. All that I touch turns to miracles and Light as my world fills with golden opportunities to thrive & grow. Love is flowing from me and is blessing my world. I am the only thinker in my mind & I choose high happy thoughts that lead me through a day of effortlessly increasing good.


The Power and Presence of I AM is guiding my day. This Presence only loves and knows nothing of limitation. In Him I live and move and have my Being. I relax into the Everlasting Arms today and allow my good to flow freely and abundantly. I need do nothing but believe, trust and know this Truth and follow the Guidance given on where to go, what to do or say. There is no one to impress – nothing to compete for. There is more than enough good for all to thrive in Prosperity. I open to receive the gifts of God today as Life unfolds a day of perfect order, beauty and all that is good. I am blessed and I am a blessing. All is well.


"My thoughts are creative and my words are containers for Power. I AM! I think and speak my world into being today and I expect a day of peace, joy and ease as I relax into the Power that effortlessly created the universe. Nothing can hinder nor obstruct my good today except my thoughts. I now dissolve all limiting beliefs and ideas, knowing that I live in a lavishly abundant Universe of endless possibilities.

I stretch out my arms and open my heart today to receive God, The Creative Force of Life Who is now flowing through me. Everything I need to know is revealed to me as as I align myself with this Creative Intelligence."


Today I open my arms to welcome the gifts of Life as I remember that God’s Will for me is perfect happiness. I am never selling God on my good ideas or trying to win His favor. All favor is already mine as I step up my capacity to let it in. Nothing hinders or delays my good – I am gratefully ready to receive. I leave littleness behind as I make the choices that bring the Greater Abundance into my Consciousness and into my experience. My thoughts today are guided by the Light of Scripture within my own Consciousness, where Truth abides. All that I do today is infused with the Love and Grace, which blesses the giver and the receiver alike.


I am following my joy and peace through the open doors.

I AM is the open Door! I am anointed with Grace to accomplish all with ease as I am relaxing into positive, pleasant thoughts and all is

well. I clean up my own vibration by choosing the thoughts that feel good when I think them. The Power and Presence of God guides my actions and leads my feet as I align myself with Higher Thoughts. There is no need to struggle or strive to get somewhere. I am following my joy and peace through the open doors.


The ATLANTA CENTRE FOR I AM has emerged through years of seeking and searching (by founder Bernard Smalls) for 'true' spirituality without religious trappings, or on the other hand without compromising biblical principles. After decades of research Bernard came to the simple conclusion that God is the Great I AM (Exodus 3:14) and that we were created to live in I AM awareness, which is faith that pleases Him!

Our objective is to help you unlock your hidden potential through developing your inner life of faith. We offer a plethora of teachings that will help you attain your dreams and goals. We will help you develop the “success mindset” that will help you to experience prosperity.

Our new website is www.iam357.com




Sunday September 16, at 10:00am in the Sugarloaf Kroger Community Room!

For our September 16, ATLANTA CENTRE FOR I AM Meetup in Sugarloaf - Atlanta!

The ATLANTA CENTRE FOR I AM has been established for helping humanity to overcome the negativity in the world and to develop prosperity consciousness through faith. We teach Biblical insights that will allow you to completely eliminate fear, worry and poverty consciousness from your life. We help you develop and grow in faith, confidence, power thinking, and positive affirmations through the renewing of the mind, resulting in “right action” which produces prosperity.

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