The Power of Your Imagination!

We all imagine. The only difference will have to lie in the content of our imagining. Ask yourself; what am I imaging? What I imagine always eventually becomes my inner- conversation, my, I AM. You are what you imagine. If I imagine something little and feel sorry for myself, life will prove that I had every reason in the world to feel sorry for myself, because the blows will come to me. And I will turn to the one who gave the blows and blame him or blame them, when the blame (if any) is in myself! For had I not imagined what I have imagined; I could not encounter the conditions that I encountered. This is the Law of I AM!

For had I not imagined what I have imagined; I could not encounter the conditions that I encountered. This is the Law of I AM!


We are told: Don’t fool yourselves. “Be notdeceived. God is not mocked.” God is notmocked. “As a man sows, so shall he reap”(Galatians 6:7). Well, what am I sowing? I am sowing everything that I am imagining. That is what I am sowing, for the only thing I can 'sow' is what I imagine. Let the world rant and say there is no God. Let Babel say there is no Son of God. God dwells within us!

Affirm: "God dwells in me! I am God-inside minded! I know I AM. I imagine God within!"

Imagine I AM! Imagination is sowing!

“For all things are possible to God; and all things are possible to him that believes.”(Mark 9:23)


The ATLANTA CENTRE FOR I AM has emerged through years of seeking and searching (by founder Bernard Smalls) for 'true' spirituality without religious trappings, or on the other hand without compromising biblical principles. After decades of research Bernard came to the simple conclusion that God is the Great I AM (Exodus 3:14) and that we were created to live in I AM awareness, which is faith that pleases Him!

Our objective is to help you unlock your hidden potential through developing your inner life of faith. We offer a plethora of teachings that will help you attain your dreams and goals. We will help you develop the “success mindset” that will help you to experience prosperity.

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Sunday September 16, at 10:00am in the Sugarloaf Kroger Community Room!

For our September 16, ATLANTA CENTRE FOR I AM Meetup in Sugarloaf - Atlanta!

The ATLANTA CENTRE FOR I AM has been established for helping humanity to overcome the negativity in the world and to develop prosperity consciousness through faith. We teach Biblical insights that will allow you to completely eliminate fear, worry and poverty consciousness from your life. We help you develop and grow in faith, confidence, power thinking, and positive affirmations through the renewing of the mind, resulting in “right action” which produces prosperity.

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