Are You In a RUT?...Takes Guts To Leave Ruts!

Research reveals that only three percent of Americans live lives of fulfillment. The interesting thing is that studies also reveal that only three percent have clearly defined goals and dreams. Could there be a relationship with fulfillment and goal setting and dreaming? You bet. Why? It takes guts to leave ruts!

You can live a fulfilled life if you learn the power of charting your course through the GUTS principles.

The times we live in demand mental vigor to win in life and business. As we thunder into the 21stCentury, I believe that the GUTS concept is one of the major keys to our personal and corporate success.

If you will come on this journey and read on you will find that the GUTS concept is foundational to effectively living you dream.

This book is a study to turn on your dream machine, and help you set some clear goals that will get you out of life’s ruts. So read reflectively, complete each personal workshop as you go through the material, and remember that; “The Mind Stretched To A New Dimension By A New Idea Never Goes Back To its Original Shape!”

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