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…Lift up now your eyes, and look from the place where you are, northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward: For all the land which you see [or imagine], to you will I give it, and to your seed forever. --Genesis 13:14-15 (Paraphrased)

I am so excited and happy about the opportunity to share this positive, creative concept with you. I teach creative spirituality because I believe that spirituality is creative. I call this series of mini-books 40 New Thought Concepts. For information on other books in the series, visit

In this blog I want to share with you some about the concept of vision. Vision or visualization is so important to anyone seeking to live a successful life. This concept is as old as Methuselah and even older.

Scripture says without vision people perish! (Proverbs 29:18)

What is visualization? Visualization is to make a mental picture which

facilitates realization. What are we doing when we are visualizing then?

We're making a mental picture in our minds, and that picture facilitates

realization or manifestation of our desire.

Scripture says as a man thinks, in his heart so is he (Proverbs 23:7).

What we need to do is to stay with the simplicity of that. So often, we're

looking for some new, more advanced theory on manifestation or getting

our desires when really it's pretty simple. To visualize is to picture a

thing clearly, specifically, through the power of imagination in order to

create or manifest the desired thing through thought.

Visualization, to visualize, is to create something through thought.

Thought has creative power due to the law of cause and effect.

Because when you're dealing with the realm of mind and spirit, that

which is invisible, thought, primarily in this case, is cause, and it will

cause things to manifest in what we call the real world, or it's actually

the realm of form, which is effect. So, really we're dealing with cause

and effect.

Our vision shapes our futures. So, what are we going to do? We're going

to create mental pictures that facilitate desired realization. We're going

to picture things clearly, specifically, through the power of imagination.

Then finally, we create our desires through thought.

The late Dr. Wayne Dyer understood the power of vision. He stated;

“I have a burning desire—aninner flame that will not be extinguished by

outer forces—to know andlive from higher regions, to be transformed so

that my new concept ofmyself will no longer include any limitations. I

am willing to challenge and change any thoughts that impede my having

a higher vision of myself.”


1. We always attract into our lives whatever we think about most,believe most strongly, expect on the deepest level, and imagine most vividly. We attract what we visualize.

2. We must ‘see’ the end result in our mind’s eye.

3. Visualization is thinking things into being with concentrated imagination and emotion...these infused together form a powerful attractive force from which manifesting desires is possible.


Visualization, you could say is the creative process employed by virtue of desiring to manifest.

Visualization activates mental images on the mental and material planes. Visualization consists in forming and holding a mental image of things and conditions, the things desired within so as to help you manifest what you wish to have in actuality.

Here’s a power thought: The Mental Image has the power to create for itself a material and objective form and existence --- it is the mental pattern around which the material conditions tend to group themselves.

It is the vision which is in fact, the seed-form of the thing itself. The prime factor in visualization is to endeavor to create as clear as possible a Mental Image of the thing or condition desired. Then act within (visualize) as if it were actually present at that moment.

"I am willing to challenge and change any thoughts that impede my having a higher vision of myself.”

-Wayne Dyer

These three rules of Visualization should be observed:

(1) See yourself as you wish to be.

(2) See others as you wish them to be.

(3) See conditions as you wish them to be.

Around these visualized ideals, do the material realities form and crystallize.


As we have said, visualization is the spiritual practice of using mental images and imagination to create. The key is to understand that you are already using visualization.It’s your imagination. You must simply learn to use it intentionally!

A vision board is one of the most practical, helpful and fun ways to employ visualization intentionally!

“Instead of fighting problems, picture your way out of them. The picturing power of the mind turns your thinking from “I cannot have this” or “It will never happen to me” to hope, belief, and finally to the mental acceptance that “It can happen to me” and It will happen to me.” –Catherine Ponder,in “Open Your Mind to Prosperity”

In creating a Vision Board I suggest four simple steps:

1. Decide on the thingsyou want.

Choose your objectives! Be specific!

It can be on any level. (Personal, family, business, career, toys, life)

2. Make physical pictures exactly as you want it.

This activates the picturing power of the mind!

3. Look at your pictures often (at least once a day).

Look in quiet visualization and meditation... this gives birth to and becomes affirmation, an integrated part of you.

4. Give it ‘I AM’ Energy!!!

Make strong positive I AM affirmations.

SAY I AM…See your self receiving or achieving it.

Suspend any doubts and believe that you have it NOW. VISUALIZATION = REALIZATION!

A vision board encourages you to take practical action, like having a daily workshop! Meet the same time daily if possible.

Continue this workshop. Even when it seem like nothing is happening.. Consistency trains the subconscious mind.

Keep visualizing the desired end result!

Once you have made the vision board, use the vision board! Let desire drive you to engage in consistent action. I look at my vision board as a part of my prayer and meditation time daily. IT WORKS!!


Vision is a principle of God, a principle of faith. Go to the end of that which you seek! See the end! Live in the end! Even Abraham, our father metaphorically used a vision board.

Then the God (I AM) took Abram outside and said to him, "Look up into the sky and count the stars if you can. That's how many descendants you will have.” Genesis 15: 5 (NLT)

... I will multiply your descendants beyond number, like the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will conquer the cities of their enemies. Genesis 22: 17 (NLT)

God directed Abraham to look at the stars and the sand. The stars of the sky and the sand of the seashore were metaphors of the vision board concept we use today. The principle of looking aides your faith.

Use Your ‘I AM’ power!

When using your vision board, focus on it clearly in a light, relaxed way. It's important not to feel like you are striving too hard for it or putting excessive energy into it - that tends to hinder rather than help.

As you look at the images, affirm: I AM THAT…

"Whatever you say after you say 'I AM' shapes your reality!"

“Generalities do not produce results, because they lack substance and power. Vague hopes and indefinite goals are not convincing to the mind, whereas a clear cut picture of the good we want activates people, places, and events to cooperate with our pictured desires.”

Catherine Ponder, in “Open Your Mind to Prosperity”

In summary, here are 4 things visualization does:

  1. Programs the brain to recognize resources.

  2. Activates the subconscious mind – the realm of creative ideas

  3. Activates the Law Of Attraction – drawing power

  4. Builds internal motivation for action.

Practice visualization now:

Create mental pictures of the things you desire.

Sit quietly – Imagine – Think from it – from within. See yourself with your desires.

Well, thank you so much for studying with me today. Visit us on the World Wide Web at, and my God expand your life until your destiny is fulfilled.





I AM awareness leads to more prosperity consciousness, positive thinking, positive words and intuitive insight. The Atlanta Centre For I AM is committed to an expanded awareness and an increase of heaven on earth, the realm of ever expanding good.

The Atlanta Centre for I AM has five (5) guiding principles;

  1. Imagination, which is creative spiritual imagery.

  2. Right thinking releasing creative spiritual energy.

  3. Faith or creative spiritual substance.

  4. Positive Words, which is creative spiritual power.

  5. Prosperity, which I call the creative overflow.

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