40 NEW THOUGHT CONCEPTS - Affirmative Prayer

We are considering 40 new thought concepts, and we are doing this to simply gain the understanding and insight into some cutting-edge concepts regarding thinking. The scripture says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” And it is so profound that that was said by Solomon who was the richest and also the wisest man to live on the planet (outside of Jesus Christ of course). So, we want to follow success, and Solomon clearly understood that it was important. I know that he made some decisions later in life that took him in another direction. But still, in the book of Proverbs, Song of Solomon, and Ecclesiastes were all written by this man. So the Great I Am regarded him enough to put him in his book. So I'm not about to go off on the strange women that he followed. God is love, God is patient, and God unconditionally loves. If we could only understand the great love of the Father, that even when one misses it, the love is still ever there.

Anyway, as a man thinks in his heart so is he. That has lived through the ages and will continue to live because it is written in the scripture. But today I want to talk to you some about affirmative prayer. Not just a prayer but an affirmative prayer.

As you pray with the scripture! The word! You are praying in the perfect will of God because you are praying the word back to God. That is what is meant by affirmative prayer. Now, if you went to some dictionary you might find another definition, but based on my insight after years of studying, affirming the word back to God is an affirmative prayer which is a concept that's mostly enunciated in what we call the new thought teaching, otherwise known as positive thinking. Men like Dr Norman Vincent Peale, the writer of “The power of positive thinking,” Napoleon Hill the writer of “Think and grow Rich” They all embraced new thinking, and eventually, some people coined it as a new thought.

Now, I don't look at this as a religion. Instead, I see it as a way of life. What you think about, you bring about to yourself, and thinking positively will work perfectly for you. As Dr Norman Vincent Peale has been known with his popular saying, we're talking about real prayer. It is important to say positive prayers because people are making so many prayers just like firing a scattershot into heaven and hoping that something hits God for him to respond. Affirmative prayer is praying the word, and when you do it in faith, you will see phenomenal results in no time. Why God does wants his word manifested on earth? He wants his word established on the earth. “Forever oh Lord is your Word settled in heaven,” the Scripture says. I love what the late Charles Capps used to say, he’s strong in affirmative prayer, which most word of faith guys called confessing. I understand that, but I want to establish his Word on earth. Mr Capps added in one of his affirmations “Thy word oh Lord is forever settled in the heavens, I establish it in the earth.”

Sunday, July 1, 2018

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