Positive Spirituality Produces Happiness

Imagine a more positive, happy, prosperous world. Is this possible? I believe it is. The word heaven means the realm of ever-expanding good. Jesus said that we are to pray for this good, heaven (God’s will) on earth. How do we expand this good in the planet? When psychological Truth is applied through the creative power of affirmations, creative imagination and right thinking, the result is positive spirituality which produces happiness, goodness, or heaven.

ATLANTA CENTRE FOR I AM! The key issue is that we get the right knowledge. This is why we are launching our new teaching outreach, the ‘Atlanta Centre for I AM.’ This mission is designed to communicate the increase of I AM awareness in the planet.


Of course, I am all for more positive spirituality and happiness in the world. I have made this my mission in life. This is why I teach and do what I do daily. What about you? What motivates you? Do you desire a more positive world?

Our intention is I AM awareness. We envision the global increase of I AM Awareness.

Our mission is simply teaching people how to live happily and successfully through the power of I Am!

I AM awareness leads to more prosperity consciousness, positive thinking, positive words and intuitive insight. The Atlanta Centre For I AM is committed to an expanded awareness and an increase of heaven on earth, the realm of ever expanding good.

The Atlanta Centre for I AM has five (5) guiding principles;

  1. Imagination, which is creative spiritual imagery.

  2. Right thinking releasing creative spiritual energy.

  3. Faith or creative spiritual substance.

  4. Positive Words, which is creative spiritual power.

  5. Prosperity, which I call the creative overflow.

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Thank you!

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