What is, or should be the role of money in our lives?

Money issues can be a source of stress and pressure.

Money problems often control lives, attitudes and emotions. Some are slaves to money—driven to make it and keep it. We must straighten out our relationship with money. The goal is simply a financial attitude adjustment.

Let's let Matthew 6:24-33 settle this!

Our needs are met! Affirm: "I Serve God and Money Serves Me."

Contemplate the power of Seed.

According to Genesis 1:29 we learn that Seed was designed by God to serve us.

Psalm 104:14 shows us that seed is for the service of man.

In the life of the rich young ruler, Jesus gives us the ultimate example of a man serving money.

Mark 12:41-44 intimates an example of money serving a woman. Scripture reveals what she did, she sowed bountifully and she reaped bountifully.

Our relationship with money:

  1. The love of money is the root of all evil.

  2. We don‘t love money—we love God.

  3. We don‘t trust money—we trust God.

  4. We are givers of money—not takers.

  5. Money is a tool to help others.

My Money Relationship Affirmation:

I settle this issue right now. I adjust my financial attitude. I do not serve money. I am not a slave to money. I serve God. Money serves me. I do not work for money. Money works for me. Money doesn‘t control me—I control money. Money doesn‘t rule me—I rule money. Money doesn‘t dominate me—I dominate money. I fearlessly tithe. I boldly give as I am led. Money—you serve me. Money—you obey me. Money—you multiply, increase and produce maximum harvest. Harvest—I command you to come to me now—in Jesus‘ Name! I AM!

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