Nourishing Your Happiness!

Happiness is a choice. A decision. Abraham Lincoln said; "Men are about as happy as they have decided to be." One practice that produces more happiness is affirmations or affirmative prayer. Affirmative prayer nourishes your happiness.

Affirmative prayers should be repeated several times a day, taking into account that the moments before dozing to sleep are those in which praying works with more power. It’s like even though you’re sleeping, your mind repeats that which you programmed.

Here is a good affirmative prayer to nourish your happiness:

"Fear, anxiety, worry, dread, and suspense are now all eliminated from my life.

I am now happy! I am free! I am free from fear, anxiety, worry, dread, and suspense. I have faith in The Great I AM and I trust Him to protect me, to provide for me, and to bring all my affairs into divine order. I am happy! I am complete! I am! I am that! I am!

"To love means to learn the art of nourishing our happiness." -Han

The 5 Rules of Happiness from my book Happiness Is BS!! are:

1. Choose to be happy!

2. Free your mind from worries!

3. Free your heart from hatred!

4. Live simply!

5. Always Give More!”

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