Deliberate Creation & Prosperity!

You are a blended being.

You are a non/physical and physical, what we call a spiritual being.

You create through thought, words and emotions.

You have access to infinite intelligence.

The Great creative process - you have come here to create.

You are here to co-create with God. Co-creation. You are here to

create intentionally, or deliberately.

The spiritual law of deliberate creation is a part of the Law of

Attraction. The Law of Attraction depicts; That which is like unto itself

is drawn! Think good thoughts! Affirm good only!

Identify what you are 'most' wanting, moment by moment. The Great

awakening in man is the blending of the physical and non-physical


The Great creative process - you have come here to

create. Attract what you want, don't repel attract! You attract that

which you dwell upon. Discovering what you want and attracting it is

your work here.

There is good in the Universe!

Give your thoughts to this! Your attention attracts!

Give attention to what you want, not what you do not want. Be


“Listen to me! You can pray for anything, and if you believe, you have

it; it’s yours!” -Mark 11:24 (TLB)

Law of Attraction
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