We Are Magnets!

We are magnetic.

Energy is ALWAYS stored in magnetic fields. If then our mind or thoughts ‘attract’ it must mean that our mind or thoughts are magnetic. Thus, we attract things, people, conditions and situations! Energy connects with like energy!

It is no coincidence that those of us who share similar values i.e. meaning we ‘think along the same lines’ ‘attract’ each other. We do because metaphysically or spiritually speaking; we are vibrating within the same spectrum of energy wave. For example; When our thoughts and word and actions lean mostly towards peace, love, joy, kindness, gentleness, humbleness, faith and being/ or having balanced points-of-view we attract those of similar mind-sets and also attract the conditions and life circumstances where these qualities thrive.

We are not going to be involved in things – like criminal activities for examples- or even choose careers where those aforementioned thoughts, words and actions can be cultivated.

We are magnetic and attract those things which are within the same spectrum of energy wave.

Law of Attraction
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