The Unspoken Truth of The Law of Attraction!

The Law of Attraction is a universal principle. Being ‘universal’ means the law applies to every one of us. And like gravity- and all universal laws- it works whether or not we are aware of them.

Knowing the principles is the first step to re-shaping our thoughts to attract the health, wealth, love and happiness that we truly want. The Law of Attraction works in perfect tandem with the other 11 Universal Laws to activate our divine heritage to co-create with GOD THE Creator.

The power of personal creation is a Divine right.We must learn how acts of personal creation fit into the overall cosmology or Divine Design of ALL of life. Because the Law of Attraction is part of the constant genesis of eternal life. It is a Divine and spiritual principle of life designed to produce more life. Thus, the power of thoughts to create through the Law of Attraction is our divine inheritance.

This ’divine inheritance’ i.e. the Law of Attraction- has two- handles. The first handle comprises of the Law of Attraction’s origin and overall purpose, why it works and its working ‘law’ within its design, how it works and its malleable yet unchanging quality, & its Creator – God. That’s the first ‘handle’.

The second is us; our umbilical connection to our Creator– God; and the access we have through our thoughts and the Law of Attraction to the same power, which creates the Universe.

The secret to activating the Law of Attraction is simple.We need to understand that:

1) Thoughts are things. [And simultaneously]

2) Thoughts create things. Every single thing that we see in the outside world, every invention, every social condition, etc. was first a thought in someone’s mind.

On a more personal level every single relationship good or bad, its ensuing results, every condition or circumstance and its ensuing results have been created and or helped along by our thoughts (and the intense emotions) we held about it.

Let’s face it-Our thoughts do create our life!

Law of Attraction
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