Understanding Law of Attraction

Our knowledge of exactly what the Law of Attraction is and its application is incomplete. Intuitively, most of us ‘see’ the sense in the Law of Attraction’s rallying cry- ‘What you think about, you bring about’. But, few have the deep experiential understanding of exactly how- ‘What you think about, you bring about’ – really works.

Few of us understand how to change our thoughts to bring about exactly what we truly want! The key to understanding how to change our thoughts to bring about exactly what we want rests in the unspoken truths that make the Law of Attraction work.

These truths are: 1. We are the co-creators of our universe. 2. We all work with one Infinite Power. 3. We, like everything else is energy. EVERYTHING! 4. We are each empowered to write our own life-script. 5. We must ‘see’ the end result in our mind’s eye.

When we understand and apply these principles in our daily lives we begin to see a shift in our thinking and in our experiences. We see there’s enough for everyone and we gradually lose the fear and anxiety, which comes from a ‘lack-mindset’.

We also see that the more we train the mind/ thoughts to expect to receive- the more we do and so we begin to get glimpses of the mind’s infinite nature. We then become living witnesses to the truth: ‘What we think about, we bring about’!

Law of Attraction
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