Manifest Your Desires!

In order to manifest positive experiences into our lives, we must change our thoughts. Thoughts are ephemeral and intangible.

They cannot be held, as we would a book or something material or physical. One effective way to change our thoughts is to change the habit of our response to our world. Overtime, our response to situations, circumstances, conditions and personalities become habitual and automatic. Habitual and automatic responses such as- word-thought/ image-thought/ feelings-thought - can be changed if there is a buffer zone between the event and our reaction.

A buffer –zone can be a breath or word or quote or holding an image in our minds.

Deliberate thought-changing exercises can only come about through some form of meditation. Meditation is quietens our thoughts, slow down and eventually transform the habit of our response. Meditation is the master key to manifesting our desires. It melts away all the layers of worry, anxiety, depression and fear. These ‘habitual’ responses clog up our thought processes.

Meditation manifests love, good health, wealth, more friends and or success. How should we meditate? What is the secret to accessing the limitless benefits of meditation?

When you think ‘Thought’ with emotion, you have accessed the power of the universe!!!

Law of Attraction
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