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Greetings and salutations my name is Pamela Henderson I am a inspiring leader who is passionate about social growth. A key player of 65 Max entertainment, working with inspiring artist who has a desire of being successful in the music industry. In 2011 I realized there was a lack of resources in the community for at risk youth entering the judicial system and transitioning through foster care.

2012 I decided to take another leap of faith and established my 5013(c) Non -profit 'All Roads Lead 65 Max Foundation' a girl empowerment movement who's focus is to empower girls 12-24 years old at risk. The mentoring services offered helps each individual to identify and take responsibility and to help build their self esteem, confidence and integrity.

The leadership instills a partnership giving hope and to provide the resources for each mentee the opportunity to change their behavioral problems and to expose their passions and talents in a positive way. For the past 5 years I have invested into myself attending John F. Kennedy University where I received my leadership certification. I became a Angel ambassador in 2016, and journeyed on to study at the National Development Institute and received honors as a board of Governor through NANEO receiving certifications CNC, CNE. My goal is to become a youth speaker and to travel the world as a Sapphire encouraging others as the messenger, that we are God treasures Jewels, Ruby's and Diamond :) please visit and follow the road.