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To heal the self-image of minorities who have ever experienced inferiority so that they can break free from hereditary patterns, cultural codes, and social beliefs to enjoy unlimited prosperity!

The experts say that children who grow up in an impoverished home or in a poor neighborhood are more likely to be poor as adults. If we wish to reduce poverty in the long-term, we have to be committed to reducing poverty today. This book deals with the root causes and the secret solution to the poverty issue among minorities. The solution is simple, and it works in spite of your status, education or your present financial condition. If you are flat broke, that’s good! There is nowhere to go, but up.
• It is a book for people who have been counted out as insignificant by the masses.
• It is for those who have at any time felt inferior. 
• It is for those who have been imprisoned by limited or negative thinking.
This book is not about business plans, financial projections, budgets, or the like. It is about what I call “spiritual-pragmatism,” or marrying spiritual and practical to produce prosperity. In this little book I will give you 21 simple principles that can change your financial life for the good so that you can live a fabulous life.
Get ready for abundance because the best is yet to come for you.

I Am a Minority Millionaire

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